About B.A.R

BAR Naturlig krog och vinbar 
We are a restaurant that focuses on being eco-conscious , our cuisine lands with a leg in the Nordic region and the other in the south of Europe. 

We have chosen to follow a strong ecological and environment-oriented line. 
Overfished fish, unnecessarily bottled water or other ingredients that are known pollutants are something you will not find in our menu. 

With us meet Nordic Europe, meaning in the north, we have a variety of fantastic products that with heat, water, snow and sun slowly grow into ingredients without equal. 

B stands for Besnik Gashi. A chef who has southern European passion for cooking, love for food, Cuisine  and the desire that guests will have a unique experience when you visit us. 


R stands for Robert Jakobsson. A man with a big heart, passion for food and respect for the world we live in today. 
He has always tried to do the right thing by reducing the pollution that we experience today through the material and the way it is handled and cooked. 
An amazing career through Stockholm, Copenhagen and London's top restaurants, as well as to become sous chef at the best restaurant NOMA. 
Welcome to BAR Naturlig krog och vinbar

B.A.R   I   Erik Dahlbergsgatan 3   I   211 48 Malmö   I   Tel: 040-170 175   I   E-post: info@barmalmo.se